Strategic Negotiations

Long Term Dealmaking

Target Audience

Sole Proprietors, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals, Marketing Professionals, Managers, General Managers and Executives.

Program Description

This program teaches the advanced skills needed to effectively prepare for and negotiate, complex, multifaceted negotiations that align with all parties strategic interests. This 140 hour negotiation skills training program will empower participants to tackle all aspects of negotiations including: time and resource constraints, uncooperative negotiation partners, changing demands, ultimatums, conflicting outcomes. Participants will explore their optimal negotiation skills mix and practice the techniques associated with successful negotiations. Participants will learn how to probe deeper and uncover undisclosed interests as well as how to turn new information into creative dealmaking alternatives. This program is designed for dynamic negotiations with constantly changing inputs.

Program Goals and Outcomes

Participants will be given the skills and understanding to fully prepare for negotiations, conduct simple and complex negotiations and create effective deals that optimize outcomes for all parties. Participants will develop a systematic approach to negotiations. Participants will negotiate effectively across borders and cultures. Participants will manage tension in the negotiations in a manner that fosters long term relationships.

Upon successful completion of this program, the participant will be able to:
1. Prepare effectively for negotiations
2. Identify the decision making parties
3. Manage negotiation processes
4. Create innovative solutions to constraints
5. Use the appropriate skills for each stage of their dealmaking
6. Employ a consistent set of skills and behaviours when negotiating
7. Initiate and close higher value contracts


1. Best Negotiation Practices
2. Negotiation Skills
3. Contract Skill
4. Tone, Voice and Non-Verbal Cues

Investment Per Participant


Text and Resource Materials

Eleven Ten Training Manual “Strategic Negotiations - Long Term Dealmaking”

Instructional Method

Direct Instruction (140 hours) lectures, simulations, workbooks.

Participants completing this program will demonstrate high levels of competence in the following areas:

1. Critical thinking: Identify and examine issues and ideas; analyze and evaluate options in a variety of negotiating contexts with differing assumptions, contents and methods.
2. Communication, Oral and written: Demonstrate effective negotiation skills by selecting the appropriate style, language and form of communication suitable for different negotiation partners, audiences and mediums.
3. Leadership: Inspire individuals and teams to close value added contractsl by embracing innovative problem solving through strategic thinking and shared responsibility.
4. Independent learning: Show initiative by acting independently in choosing effective, efficient and appropriate applied learning, research and problem solving strategies.
5. Globally minded: Self-aware of own identity and culture, recognize the interconnectedness of world events and issues; interact respectfully and authentically across cultures; value multiple perspectives; utilize curiosity to learn with and from others.
6. Problem solving: State problems clearly; effectively and efficiently evaluate alternative solutions; choose solutions that maximize positive and minimize negative outcomes.
7. Interpersonal relations: Know and manage ourselves; recognize and acknowledge the needs and emotions of others including those with diverse cultures, backgrounds and capabilities.
8. Inter-professional teamwork: Understand and work productively within and between negotiation groups, respect others’ perspectives and provide constructive feedback with special attention to inter-professional relationships.
9. Information literacy: Recognize and analyze the extent and nature of an information need; efficiently locate and retrieve information; evaluate it and its sources critically, and use information effectively

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