Effective Presentations

Target Audience

Sole Proprietors, Small Business Owners, Supervisors, Leaders, Managers and Executives, Sales Professionals, Public Speakers, Entrepreneurs.

Program Description

Leadership is not possible without being able to influence groups. Effective presentations convey meaning, shape discussions, influence decisions and create possibilities. At all organizational levels, delivering a clear, concise and memorable presentation is essential. In this program, participants review proven strategies and practice skills to become more competent and confident in creating and delivering presentations. During this 34 hour program, participants will learn how to identify what matters to their audience and structure their message accordingly. Participants will explore contemporary tools and technologies that increase audience engagement and learn how their verbal and non-verbal signals impact the outcomes. Participants will identify and practice techniques employed by the best presenters, using voice and non-verbal language to make their message memorable.

Program Goals and Outcomes

Participants will be given the skills and understanding of the tools necessary to design well-structured, meaningful presentations and deliver their message with clarity and confidence.

Upon successful completion of this program, the participant will be able to:
1. Identify and describe key structural elements of an effective presentation;
2. Use contemporary presentation technology to communicate a concise message;
3. Employ verbal and non-verbal techniques to create a more impactful delivery;
4. Prepare and deliver an effective presentation using the techniques developed throughout the 34 hour program.


1. Presentation framework
2. Best practices when using presentation media
3. Structuring visuals and graphics
4. Tone, Voice and Non-Verbal Cues

Investment Per Participant


Text and Resource Materials

Eleven Ten Training Manual “Effective Presentations”

Instructional Method

Direct Instruction (34 hours) lectures, simulations, workbook.

Participants completing this program will demonstrate high levels of competence in the following areas:

1. Critical thinking: Identify and examine issues and ideas; analyze and evaluate options in a variety of fields with differing assumptions, contents and methods.
2. Communication, Oral and written: Demonstrate effective communication skills by selecting the appropriate style, language and form of communication suitable for different audiences and mediums.
3. Leadership: Inspire individuals and teams to reach their potential by embracing innovation through strategic thinking and shared responsibility.
4. Independent learning: Show initiative by acting independently in choosing effective, efficient and appropriate applied learning, research and problem solving strategies.
5. Globally minded: Self-aware of own identity and culture, recognize the interconnectedness of world events and issues; interact respectfully and authentically across cultures; value multiple perspectives; utilize curiosity to learn with and from others.
6. Problem solving: State problems clearly; effectively and efficiently evaluate alternative solutions; choose solutions that maximize positive and minimize negative outcomes.
7. Interpersonal relations: Know and manage ourselves; recognize and acknowledge the needs and emotions of others including those with diverse cultures, backgrounds and capabilities.
8. Inter-professional teamwork: Understand and work productively within and between groups, respect others’ perspectives and provide constructive feedback with special attention to inter-professional relationships.
9. Information literacy: Recognize and analyze the extent and nature of an information need; efficiently locate and retrieve information; evaluate it and its sources critically, and use information effectively and expertly.

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