Critical Sales Skills

Target Audience

Sole Proprietors, Small Business Owners, Sales Professionals, Marketing Professionals, Leaders, Managers and Executives.

Program Description

Selling is one of the most maligned professional skills and despite the plethora of sales courses that push a particular methodology, the critical sales skills that all successful sales professionals apply remains relatively unchanged. Regardless of whether selling is done as part of an integrated sales and marketing strategy or as a stand alone activity, the ability to; connect with prospects, create rules of engagement, understand the needs behind the needs, explore creative alternatives, adapt your pricing and close the proposal will determine your success in sales.

This six week sales skills program teaches participants at all levels how to successfully start, nurture and close a sale. Participants will review proven strategies to navigate known sales challenges and understand how to eliminate constraints in each step of their sales process. During this program, participants will learn how to identify where they are in their particular sales cycle and become more confident in moving to the next stage of their sales funnel. Participants will explore the optimal skills mix required for their bespoke sales process. Participants will identify and practice techniques associated with the best sales professionals and increase their sales.

Program Goals and Outcomes

Participants will be given the skills and understanding where to deploy each skill in their sales cycle. By increasing the number of sales in turn participants will increase the revenues of their organization.

Upon successful completion of this program, the participant will be able to:
1. Identify where they are in their sales cycle
2. Use the appropriate skills for each stage of their sales
3. Employ a consistent set of skills and behaviours when selling
4. Initiate and close a greater number of sales


1. Best Selling Practices
2. Sales Cycle
3. Sales Skills
4. Interpersonal Selling
5. Tone, Voice and Non-Verbal Cues

Investment Per Participant


Text and Resource Materials

Eleven Ten Training Manual “Critical Selling Skills”

Instructional Method

Direct Instruction (180 hours) lectures, simulations, workbooks.

Participants completing this program will demonstrate high levels of competence in the following areas:

1. Communication, Oral and written: Demonstrate effective communication skills by selecting the appropriate style, language and form of communication suitable for different audiences and mediums.
2. Critical thinking: Identify and examine sales challenges; analyze and evaluate options in a variety of sales contexts with different client types, sales objections and sales cycles.
3. Problem solving: Understand common sales problems clearly; effectively adapt to different sales contexts; choose solutions that maximize positive sales outcomes.
4. Interpersonal relations: Know and manage ourselves; recognize and acknowledge the needs and emotions of others including those with diverse cultures, backgrounds and capabilities.
5. Inter-professional teamwork: Understand and work productively within and between sales teams.

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