CliftonStrengths in the Workplace

Using Strengths to Foster Better Relationships for Better Outcomes: For Yourself and Others

Target Audience

Sole Proprietors, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals, Marketing Professionals, Managers, General Managers, Executives, Front Line Employees

Program Description

This program helps you figure out what your strengths are using the CliftonStrengths Assessment, and then using those results to 1) reframe how you understand yourself and 2) improve the choices you make around career, relationships, hobbies, etc. This program also helps you to understand those around you from a place of strength and start leveraging those strengths so that everyone benefits. Finally

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, the participant will be able to:
1. Identify their Top 5 Strengths
2. Understand how their Strengths show up in their lives
3. Learn how to manage their Strengths to be used in an optimal way
4. Create an action plan to move forward with challenges in their lives
5. Identify Strengths in Others
6. Manage other people with a coaching mentality, from a place of strength
7. Execute more optimally through the creation of strategic ‘Strength Partnerships’
8. Succeed in motivating yourself and others by understanding what implicity drives people


1. CliftonStrengths - Understanding your Top 5 strengths, and the full 34 CliftonStrengths
2. Name It, Aim It, Claim It - How to get the best out of you and your Strengths (How to Keep your Strengths from being a weakness)
3. Strength Game Plans - Learning to Identify your challenges and use your Strengths as a means for resolving them.
4. Strength Spotting - Understanding the ‘Signs of Strength’ in others
5. Strength Partnerships - Learning how to spot your Strength gaps and how to fill those gaps
6. Strength Game Plans for Managers - How to use a coaching approach and strengths to get the best out of everyone
7. Strengths for Life - How to check in with yourself, and ensure that you are running optimally - and if not - what to do about it

Investment Per Participant


Text and Resource Materials

Eleven Ten Training Manual “CliftonStrengths For Life”

Instructional Method

Direct Instruction (140 hours) lectures, workbooks

Participants completing this program will demonstrate high levels of competence in the following areas:

1. Communication, Oral and written: Demonstrate effective language and form of communication suitable for different audiences and individuals
2. Globally minded: Self-aware of own identity and culture, recognize the interconnectedness of world events and issues; interact respectfully and authentically across cultures; value multiple perspectives; utilize curiosity to learn with and from others.
3. Problem solving: State problems clearly; effectively and efficiently evaluate alternative solutions; choose solutions that maximize positive and minimize negative outcomes.
4. Interpersonal relations: Know and manage ourselves; recognize and acknowledge the needs and emotions of others including those with diverse cultures, backgrounds and capabilities.
5. Inter-professional teamwork: Understand and work productively within and between negotiation groups, respect others’ perspectives and provide constructive feedback with special attention to inter-professional relationships.

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